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We booked a private tour through their website, which was easy to use. When our cruise arrived in Wellington our driver Richard was right there on the dock with our names. We did not have a specific agenda so Richard had a plan. We went all over the city and surroundings visiting the highlights, it was excellent. Richard continually talked about where we were and the history of things. Money well spent

Bernie G (Feb 2017)

I hope things are going well for you. It was awesome to spend the day with you when we were in Wellington a few weeks back. Whilst I've spent plenty of time around Wellington city and a few weekends in the Wairarapa, I haven't done many tourist activities outside of Te Papa. I had such a fantastic day and you were a bloody excellent guide! It was super interesting to hear about the natural and cultural history of the areas we visited. I was blown away with the scale of Sir Peter Jackson's property portfolio and what he's contributing to the community. Very cool! The drive over the Rimutakas was excellent too - very smooth driving thanks :). It was nice to hear about places that you've grown up in and you've got a real passion for the region.

We scored a beautiful day with the weather and it was really nice to be exploring with you and the others on the tour. A highlight would have to be the lunch and the winery tours. I now appreciate why it's such a famous wine region! If only I could've brought back more wine to Melbourne! You've made some nice connections with the wineries and I felt very well after being with you.

I used to work at a museum and would have to take tours so I appreciate how hard it is to be a good guide. Whilst your knowledge and ability to tell stories was awesome, I felt that what made it such a great day was your passion for the region and fantastic customer service. I'd absolutely recommend you and your company to anyone wanting a great day out exploring Wellington and the Wairarapa.

All the best, thanks again
Joel (May 2017)